Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of these terms & conditions the following words shall have the following meanings:

Right to Refusal
The Company reserves the right to decline work at its own discretion. Where the Company agrees to carry out works for the Customer those works shall be undertaken at the agreed time by the designated operative of Company at its absolute discretion.

Timed Charges
All fees are subject to VAT. The total amount payable to the client should consist of the time spent by the working group (including obtaining additional materials) on the site and beyond, as well as the cost of any consumables or materials needed to complete the work (no more than just the hourly time work + 30%). This time will be paid in accordance with our hourly policy and includes only the time spent on this work. All fees are subject to VAT..

Rescheduling/cancellation policy:
The working group will wait no more than 15 minutes to gain access to the work site. If during this time the client does not organize the opportunity to start work, we will charge £30 We will always be flexible regarding the timing of the work, but we will need a notification of at least 48 hours. We charge a reservation fee of GBP 30, which will be canceled if the work is canceled after 24 hours before we begin to carry out the work

Fixed price work
For work where a price is agreed in advance, this shall be presented as a compound invoice including labour and material costs (manifest errors exempt). Terms and conditions may apply to these contracts depending on the agreement between the customer and the company.

Estimated Cost and Charges
If a written cost estimate is provided to the customer, the total amount may be revised in the following circumstances: in the circumstance that, after the provision of the costing, the customer requests (verbally or in writing) that works beyond the original estimate are carried out. In the circumstance that there is a price increase in materials between the costing and the works date. in the circumstance that it becomes clear that additional works are required to be carried out that were not apparent at the time of estimation. In the circumstance that there is a mathematical or typographical error on the original estimate.

Material Collection
Collection of additional material that is required to complete works ischargeable time, however; The time in which to do this must be reasonable and Should this time exceed 45 minutes, the customer must be contacted to be made aware.

Once work is agreed, we will require the details of a payment card with which to charge the cost of works. Should any agreed payment fail the company reserves the right to halt all works until this has been rectified.

The company reserves the right to refuse or accept invoice terms at the company's discretion. Should terms be agreed, invoices must be paid within 1 days.

Where a specific time has been agreed for works to begin between the company and the customer, we (the company) shall endeavour to ensure the work team is on site at this time. The company accepts no liability for the non-attendance of an operative nor the lateness of either the operative or required materials.

Liability of Accounts
The customer accepts full liability to discharge the account with the company unless they disclose to the company during the process of agreement to terms that they are acting on behalf of a third party. This third party must appear on all paperwork including any formal estimates.

Cancellation of formally agreed quoted work
Should a customer wish to cancel any agreed works after they have been agreed to proceed, the customer will be liable for any cost of materials purchased or related labour expenditure.

If after the works have been completed, the customer is not entirely satisfied with the completed project then written notice will need to be provided to the company within 12 months. The customer must provide the company and its insurers ability to inspect the works and access to carry out remedial works if appropriate. The customer accepts that the company is not liable should written notice not be provided as stated above.

A guarantee applies to the work and materials supplied by the company with regards to faulty workmanship or a failure of materials if reported in writing within 12 months of installation.

Gas Hazards
The customer shall be entirely liable for any hazardous situation in respect of GasSafe Regulations or the issue of a Gas Warning Notice.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers
The operatives are responsible for their own Gas-Safe registration and thus are responsible for works carried out where this is relevant.

Work on inferior installations
In circumstances where the customer requests the company to carry out works on installations over 15 years old or that are in a poor state of repair, the company cannot guarantee the efficacy of these works.

Waiver of Terms & Conditions
The terms and conditions listed here may not be amended, voided or supplemented in any manner except in writing by an authorised representative of the company in the presence of the customer. These terms take precedence over any terms set by the customer or another party or contained in any documentation sent from the customer to the company. By entering into a contract to complete works with the company, the customer agrees to this precedence of terms and waives irrevocably the right to apply any further terms.

Title of goods
The title to any goods supplied by the company shall not pass to the customer until such time as they have been paid for in full.

The company does not accept liability on occasions where delays may occur due to circumstances beyond its control. Should these delays occur, the company will seek to complete works within a reasonable time-frame, allowing for the changed circumstances.

Work not carried out by the Company
The company only accepts liability for agreed works carried out by it and its operatives, they accept no liability for works overlooked by the work of any other party, impaired by the work of any other party or carried out by any other party.

Governed by UK Law
All of our agreed terms, any conditions that arise from them and all contracts between the company and any of its customers are governed by and provided in accordance with UK law